30 March 2009

The Curse

That one where your parents hope you get kids just like you? I never acted like this toward my parents...yikes!
That, and I'm just about done with winter, thank you. Enough with the snow!!

29 March 2009

Wasn't Spring great?

Although, somehow, now it's over and we're back to fall. Or something.
We've been on a cleaning bender at Casa del Goose. There has been just enough sunshine and hope that it will warm up to get our blood flowing and start spring cleaning. I've been posting stuff to Freecycle and dropped two vehicles' worth of stuff at Goodwill yesterday on our way to pick up Angel Food for our church. As soon as the truck was home and empty, we started loading it for the dump. Now to keep this momentum going.
We are eagerly anticipating a visit from our most recent German exchange sudent and her family over most of April. We'll host as they explore some of the upper midwest, then celebrate Easter and visit the Black Hills together. Should be fun!!

21 March 2009

What the heck was he thinking?

The words "I may have been bad..." are a tipoff. iPastor volunteered Thing 3 for a babysitting gig. Normally this wouldn't be a problem as she likes the cash; however, she already had plans for the evening. Not wanting to put the folks in a lurch at the last minute, iPastor volunteered us to watch the kids.
They were 4, 3 and 2. I have still not fully recovered. They weren't bad at all, and the little boy is in Thing 4's headstart class. My house is most certainly no longer babyproof, however. Their one-story home is a lot easier to navigate than our 3-floor monstrosity as well. Needless to say, I was more tired than they when dad came to collect them. Gives me a certain appreciation for my own kids.

14 March 2009

Another daily funny but true...
mr. t
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12 March 2009

Daily funny

I am a firm supporter of my President, but I still think this quote I read today is funny...

"Obama isn't the Messiah. Jesus could build a cabinet."

11 March 2009

In file "C", snappy retorts folder

"Well, I have a cat in my pants!"
Answered simply by:

07 March 2009

Never too old to rock

The week of two concerts is over, and I feel a bit hungover. Fleetwood Mac on Tuesday night was a great show. We avoided most of the rush hour traffic, but encountered just enough to discover that our brakes need some attention. Lovely. Got down to the xcel and found a little sub shop close by to have a sandwich before the show. Mick Fleetwood looks like a half-crazed Santa, but the gang can still rock it in their 60s. That's how I wanna be when I grow up. The downside of the evening was driving home after midnight on really crappy roads. The thawing temps and blowing snow combined to create nasty slick conditions. I had been up since 6am, so iPastor drove by default. Poor guy. He's an able pilot, though.
Last night, we took the two older Things to Iowa for the Third Day "Revelations" tour. Wow. It was slightly farther than a trip to the cities, but we didn't have to muck about in city traffic. The weather was a different flavor of crappy though, as we drove into fog which thickened during the concert. The fog was pretty thick, and I remembered that driving due west out of town would get us to the same n/s highway that runs through our own town, so we pointed the van west into the fog and hoped. We wound up o a few miles of gravel, but it soon deposited us on a US highway that took us where we needed to go. We stopped for a midnight snack, and drove out of the fog about halfway home, rolling in about 3:30. Way too old for this...
My birthday present to myself this year was a fan club membership that provides meet and greet passes. It was a good choice...

03 March 2009

Third Day 0303...09 which is 3x3 (Work with me...)

I am back at Third Day on the Third Day, so excited I could just squeeeeeeeeee, because on Friday Ima gonna take iPastor and the 2 oldest Things to see Third Day!! Woot!

This concert was originally scheduled for Nov 1, and was to serve as Thing 2's birthday trip. Unfortunately, the concert was rescheduled due to the death of David Carr's father. Having recently lost iPastor's mom to lung cancer as well, we totally understood the cancellation. We did however, wait worse than little children during Advent for the announcement of the rescheduled concert. I used this year's birthday money to buy me a Wired family subscription, so the gang's all got meet-n-greet passes as well. Needless to say, the teen things are giddy with excitement, though a bit disappointed that this was not a GA concert. With free rein, I'm sure both Tai and Mark would have received equal attention from my budding shredder and bassist, respectively. As it is, I think we'll be camped out firmly in front of Mark, if the boys haven't rearranged the stage setup since the concert at Augie.
I'll publish the Goose family concert review in our next installment of Third Day on the third day...