29 March 2007

Still breathing

Nothing to see here, move along...

Well, not much anyway.

Got a new front door to keep the thievin' neighbor kid at bay.

The quiet Thing got laryngitis.

Thing 4 has been coming up to say "How about a handshake?" Oh, for cute! (That's for Bossy.)

Thing 2 wants her name changed for her birthday.

Several of these are actually fodder for longer posts, but not tonite. I waded thru a couple Netflix movies, and I'm going to bed now.

21 March 2007

Rut? What rut?

We seem to have hit that lovely cycle of work, sleep, work, sleep, work, work, sleep...
Bo-ring. I am, however, thankful for the lack of minor emergencies and mechanical breakdowns that usually spice things up around here.
The aging process hasn't slowed at all. I registered Thing 1 for high school (ACK!) yesterday. Thing 4 has preschool screening in a couple weeks. Oy.
The weathermen have been wrong about all the precip. It's been damp and gloomy, but nothing has actually fallen from the clouds. Today may actually produce some rain, but for now it is really foggy. I should join Cliff in keeping the gravel pit employees busy by hauling me in some gravel findings for my parking area, but I think I still owe them for filling my cistern, so that might have to wait a while yet. So for now, I'll just park on the street and stay out of the muck.
Off to update my netflix queue and prepare for another exciting day of digging my rut.

14 March 2007

Get the hip waders...

The temps are cooling a bit, but still "unseasonably warm" according to the weatherman types who are supposed to know. I get my weather info from the 'net. I do occasionally check out local network weather, mostly to see what all the fuss over Sven is about. Apparently the little Nordic hottie has all the teenage girls and gay men in the Metro atwitter. Doesn't do it for me, but I'm over 16 and het. Anyway, along with the warm weather, 7 of the next 10 days have some sort of precip in the forecast. Good for the melt, not so good for drying out. The soil needs the moisture, but I'm tired of mopping already.
This is truly a Minnesota blog. I've regressed to talking about the weather. I have a couple of posts perking in the back of my brain, sort of in response to things I've read elsewhere lately, but I'll save those for another day. For now, I shall return to my life as a domestic goddess, and wipe a little nose, do a little laundry, and otherwise just try to make some visible progress through my home.

13 March 2007

Spring is in the air, mud is on my shoes...

...and dogs, and car, and just about everything. The gravel patch where we park is soup. The snow piles were so high they are melting slowly while other sections turn into lakes. Luckily, the very back of the yard where I want to work first is in full sun and should dry quickly.

The older Things want to do some gardening. I think I'll set them up a gro-lite in the basement and let them start some plants. Thing 1 wants flowers, Thing 2 wants veg. I'm sure Thing 3 will chime in eventually. I'm all for it; our yard can't look any worse than it does. Might as well dig up some veg patches. Better start tying the dogs outside fairly often when the ground dries to keep the rabbits away.

I am actually making progress around the house today, so I'd better get up before I stall out. Happy planting!

10 March 2007

Fun on a Saturday

Thing 2 wanted to bake cookies today, so she got her stuff ready while I made dinner. I looked over and told her to put on an apron and refrain from wiping her hands on her butt, as she had a big white handprint. She returned to her work, and said
"...that's either five or six scoops. I lost count. Mom distracted me with her butt crack."
She will never live it down.

04 March 2007

Recovering from the weekend

So I wound up not having to work Job #2 Thursday, either, and slacked off something fierce. Friday I got to skip Job #1 again and go to Job #2 just long enough to work a groom's supper. Hard to cancel a wedding because of snow (but I daresay its been done). In fact, check out the Cosmic Junkie's cool snow pic. That's how bad it got here! I got out of there relatively early, bar-wise, ran to the convenience store, and picked up some hot chocolate, and woke up Thing 1 for some mommy time. It was her 14th (!!!!!) birthday Friday. She'd had a yucky day. She's grounded over a less-than-stellar midterm report, and was unable to enjoy her freedom on the snow days. With dad off at work, I let her crawl into bed with me and we drank hot chocolate in bed (verboten!!) It was nice to have her snuggle up to me. The next day at work I got to hold a co-worker's new baby. I miss those days, but the snuggle isn't that much different when they're 14.

I realize I have transposed the job #s. How will you live? My morning job is actually the second job chronologically. Now that you know, I'm sure you are much relieved. Anyway, I picked up a shift at the day job, so I put in 8 hours there Saturday, went home, gave the kids some quick attention, grabbed a nap, then put in 7 at the bar. I was ready for a day of rest, indeed. We had potluck at church, so I threw a little turkey in the roaster and dinner was taken care of. Came home, flopped on the couch, was immediately flopped upon by two dogs, and I watched Little Miss Sunshine. I enjoyed it.

I realize now that I shouldn't have treated the dogs with turkey scraps. I'd forgotten about dog flatulence. Cripes!

Back to what resembles "normal" around here. That bus comes stinkin' early, so I'll bid you all a good night.

01 March 2007

Snowbound by choice

The "official" snowfall tally so far is 2.5", with more on the way. The main roads are plowed, but there's blowing and drifting to keep things interesting. I called work and told them I could make it if needed, but maybe it was better to keep the tip pool small. They said fine, so I am slackin' off until job 2.

So, I will jump back in to the TT fray wih this little bit of nonsense...

Thirteen Things to do (or not do) on a snow day

1. Sleep in (after checking the radio for school cancellations, etc.)
2. Stay in Jammies as long as possible.
3. Think about giving the dogs a bath, then realize they're just gonna get wet and dirty again next time they go out in the snow.
4. Brush the dogs instead.
5. Trim nails and clean ears while you're at it.
6. Watch the netflix you ordered.
7. Cook up a big ol...(insert your favorite here, pot o chili, cake, batch o' brownies, hotdish...)
8. Eat most of it yourself because the kids have all abandoned to go build snowforts (that's the good thing about March snow, usually warm enough to go enjoy it)
9. Catch up on laundry
10. Wait for the plow to go by, then dig out the car.
11. Make homemade hot cocoa
12. Work on cleaning out the junk (room, drawer, basement, heated garage...)
13. Plant rump firmly on chair and surf away the day.

Number thirteen is starting to pan out...

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