29 February 2008

Leap Day

Today is the official Blog 365 day of rest. I will spend my online time reading all you other guys and posting some long-overdue comments!

28 February 2008

It's snowing!

I like snow when it's like this. As far as I know there are no weather advisories. A quiet, steady white fluffy accumulation has fallen so far. I just heard the first plow of the day go out and it's been coming down all morning, so it can't be piling up too fast. It cleans things up and lessens the gloom. It's definitely a white day, not a gray one. We haven't had a lot of snow in our neighborhood this year, so if we don't get more soon it will be an awfully dry spring. I just hope it keeps coming like this.
I have a confession to make. I like school. I am awfully tired of the commute, and the drain on the pocketbook, however, I like to be at school. I like to read books, find the merit or fault in them, pick them apart and read between the lines. I like to find hidden meanings as well as to conclude that the cigar is just a cigar. I like to examine ideas and talk or write about them. I like hanging around other people doing the same thing. iPastor and I can do this, but it out here in the real world there isn't enough time. We get too busy paying bills and trying to schedule the lives of 7 individuals. If this material wasn't required to complete the requirements of a teaching degree, I wouldn't have made the time for it either. I'd be using that time making money somewhere instead. Somewhere where people blink if I use a word like "conspiratorial." Sad. It's also one reason I get so frustrated with this blog. I think I have something to say. I think I can be witty and entertaining, and sometimes insightful. But after grinding out four pages of feminist theory found in Pride and Prejudice, then waiting tables for six hours, the well is dry when it comes time to haul the bucket up for you, dear interweb. Sorry you come out on the short end of the stick.
With that, dear friends, I am off to do some housework and make like a good mommy. Ta.

27 February 2008

Long day

I'm tired tonight. There's an old Carol Burnett skit where the wife gets up, goes into the kitchen, gets ready for work, puts down the toast and leaves, then her husband comes in from work just as the toast pops up and butters it and eats it. That seems a lot like my life right now. I so seldom see iPastor that on nights when we're actually home together we do stupid stuff like stay up until 2am to spend some time together. Pretty much wrecked my day today. Worth it, though.
Blog has been pretty trite lately. I think of interesting and witty stuff when I'm somewhere else, but by the time I get back to the keyboard, I've forgotten it, or I'm too tired to work out the words the way I want them. I'll head off to bed and work out something amusing for a future post.

26 February 2008

I think I must be sick...

...I found myself agreeing with the president tonight. He said we're not in a recession, but a slowdown. I don't know if that's technically correct or not, but I agree with the concept. Especially at Christmastime, we get these reports that sales grew less than expected. Hello? They grew! I haven't personally heard a report of negative growth yet. I know there are many other criteria for determining economic recession, but this has always been a pet peeve. I am sick of the boy crying wolf. Stuff is expensive. It sucks. Get over it.
Off to bed now.

25 February 2008


It is indeed warmer than this time last week, but it is cloudy and the wind is raw. At least the temp is on the right side of zero.
iPastor is on supper duty today, and it looks promising with cheezy hashbrowns and omelets. I have some homework for the online class, so I will leave you at your leisure.

Sunshine on my shoulders

Geez, there's a song I haven't thought of in a while. Beautiful day here. Went to work after church, where we had a slow day because everyone was off doing something else in the sunshine. That meant I got out the door right at closing time, and came home to walk the dogs in the sunshine. Very nice.
Got back inside to news that Elsie was in the ER with a fever of 102. Cancer sucks. Don't know if it was reaction to treatment or just compromised system letting her get sick, but the were comfortable giving her fluids and antibiotics, then sending her home to head back to radiation tomorrow. She stays in the cities at a residential hall set up for cancer patients for the duration of her treatment. First round of radiation will be done midweek, then reassess. Poo.
Well, plenty of homework and prep for a phone interview with Teach for America in the morning, so g'nite!

23 February 2008

What to do, what to do...

Thursday through Monday I only work one job each day. Tuesday I have off for school. What's up with that?
Unfortunately, there's plenty of laundry to wash, and other chores waiting to be done, so I'd better get at it.

22 February 2008

Good neighbors

Hopped out of the car after work to be waved over by neighbors for fried chicken and a game of cards. They said they'd already talked to iPastor. He had two kids home sick form school today, so he had fed them early and headed back to bed before night shift. I checked in with the homefront, then headed to Uncle Dan's for a lovely evening. Uncle Dan is the friendly neighborhood curmudgeon. You may remember his transplant last year. His is the house all the kids flock to when they get off the bus. He always has cookies or banana bread in the freezer, and he loves to share. He's not afraid to cut 'em off when they've had enough, and he keeps track of which parents allow what sort of TV before letting them at his satellite TV. I've always known him to be pleasant, but according to his family he's had a bit of a turnaround in his life and attitude these past few years. Would love to see more like him.

21 February 2008


As I drove home at 9pm Tuesday, it was crystal clear outside and bitterly cold. From the moment the road bent northeast, I could see flashing lights ahead. News of the accident had begun to filter through campus, but details were sketchy. I prayed for the families and the emergency crews still out hard at work in the cold. Traffic was diverted to gravel roads that brought vehicles into Cottonwood from the west and back out onto Highway 23 beyond the chaos. When I got home, the evening news had more detailed reports, and afterwards ran a short investigative report of the bus company, finding a few past safety violations. If a bus has the right of way on a state highway and is broadsided, it's a fairly safe guess that the driver on the secondary route is at fault. The "investigation" smacked of blame seeking and sensationalism, and I wrote KSTP and told them so.
Back to school for one class today. I stopped in Cottonwood on the way home to get gas. There was a news truck from Sioux Falls in the Cenex parking lot. As I left town, there were two satellite trucks, one each from Sioux Falls and Minneapolis parked on the service road alongside the school. At what point does our genuine care and concern for the people involved in a tragedy turn intrusive? All of the local papers yesterday were filled with (mostly the same wire) photos and stories about the bus crash. It's all anyone could talk about in a small town. There but for the grace of God go all parents who load their kids onto a bus any given day. I suppose as we drink in the news and pray for the families, we are able to count our blessings, but perhaps those people would rather we all just went away. Hard to tell. I don't think I've made much of a salient point here, just kind of sifted through some gut reactions to the whole mess. Thanks for the ear.

20 February 2008


Got some pics of the lunar eclipse, but of course I can't find the cable to load them up just now.
Now I'm home from a two job day, but I have until 11:59 to drop an assignment for my online class, which I have not yet completed, so I'd better get to it!

19 February 2008

Double bummer

So, it's 15 below with 41 below windchills.
Then, my route home from school is detoured around this. Think I'll hug my kids and go to bed.

18 February 2008


I am so not a night owl anymore. I tried to do some research online and kept nodding off, so I'm heading off to bed. I found while student teaching that I actually do better to go to bed and get up incredibly early than to try to stay up. I'd better get about it...

17 February 2008

Enough already...

It turned blustery and raw today, and the temp is due to slide back below zero tonite and stay in the single digits a few days. I think I will now retreat under the covers until June.

16 February 2008


Made a quick trip to SD to help bro move some furniture and do some cleaning. His new place is still little, but a little better and definitely cuter. Dropped the kids for some mall shopping while I helped clean, then turned around and headed home again to work at job2 at 5:30.
Hit Starbucks on the way home. I read the cup cozy as I waited for Thing 2's drink. It stated that the cozy was made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly amd lessening waste. It also stated "Intended for single use." Um...nevermind.
On the way home we scattered a flock of HUGE turkeys in the river bottom, and disturbed these poor ladies as they tried to have a liesurely snack. Poor things, never a moments' peace. Off to work!

15 February 2008

Just a quicky...

...sent to me from Cliff.

What's the difference between a canoe and a Norwegian?

A canoe will sometimes tip.

14 February 2008

The Valentine Post

For those who missed the comments on my Caucus post, let me clarify that iPastor did, in fact, squeal like a schoolgirl, but he did it for effect. I wish everyone would take such an active interest in the political process, instead of just complaining about it.
So it's Valentines Day. I got a Valentine from iPastor earlier in the week. He and Thing 1 were reporting back on their excursion to the Evil*Empire Stupid Center. "I got a Valentine for you!" he said as he scurried off to get it. He returned with both hands behind his back and presented with flourish, a large jug of Heinz 57 steak sauce. I fear he read my expression of bewilderment as disappointment, but I must give him all credit where it is due. On an earlier excursion to the store, we had done some comparison shopping and though we did not bring home said jug of steak sauce, I mentioned that it was a really good buy. He bought it, thinking I wanted it (Thing 1 testified to his enthusiasm in the store: "Mom is gonna love this!"), because (listen up here, guys, and rejoice women everywhere) he paid attention to something I said! That I really wasn't all that interested in steak sauce pales in comparison to the fact that he tuned into something in which I showed an interest. I don't mean to make it sound as if it is such a rare occurrence around here, but little things like this help buoy a gal up when the world weighs her down.
Here's the valentine I sent him. I likes it.
funny pictures
moar humorous pics
Off tonite to wait on Valentines diners. Better to make money than spend it!
Happy hearts to all of you.

13 February 2008


Made it through my long day at school, then picked up a happy teen from dance class on the way home. Somewhere between then and bedtime she morphed into a shrieking banshee teen. These years may kill me. She was relatively pleasant when I got her out of bed for school, but made it all the way to sullen by the time she left for the bus stop.
Been randomly chasing some linkies I may sort out and share later, but that is for another day. Today is a short work day, so I'm hoping to put it to good use around the house. Thursday's homework is reading Emma, so that's hardly a chore once I carve out some time for the task. I am also applying to Teach for America (think teacher peace corps), which I found relatively late in the game, so I have to crank out an application essay by Friday. Better get at it.

12 February 2008

Clickety click

Just checking in from school, where I am furiously cranking out that paper. Not much going on. Finished watching Sense and Sensibility, lovely Victorian chick flick. And Alan Rickman stayed yummy. Now, back to work!

11 February 2008

Get a bucket...

Late yesterday afternoon, iPastor's dad called to check in, and wondered if there was any water in the abandoned cistern in the basement. One ice cream pail and dog chain later, I was able to at least flush the toilet. The running water came back shortly before eight, so everyone could bathe and I was able to wash the counter full of dirty dishes as I had so desperately longed to. Not. I made sure there were enough clean dishes to feed the family and let the rest go hang.
Still banging my head against this paper, but I at least have a theme and some literary criticism that fits, so now I just have to crank it out.
Two job day today so I'd best get at the schoolwork...

10 February 2008

Cold and dry

I am still amazed at the idiots who think a windy night with -33 winchills is the time to go out to the freakin' bar and load up. Morons.
Stayed home from helping the brother move today due to that bitter chill. We'll head over next weekend, maybe.
During church today, our friend's three-year old took herself to the bathroom during the sermon. She came out and announced plainly, "There's no water in the pipes." That's right, friends, the cold has brought yet another busted water main to our fair city. I feel for they crew that has to brave this cold to fix it, but not so bad as to cease complaining.
I have been having a difficult time with studying today. The aforementioned e-resources I got have been interesting, but not pertinent to the paper I need to write. When it comes to further e-research, I have been Captain Distracto, finding anything and everything on the 'net to amuse myself except useful stuff. I did manage to reconnect with some former theatre friends who are now in the ministry in North Dakota, so it's time well spent, anyway.
Now it's time to feed the clan and head back to church, with high hopes of running water in time to flush before bed.

09 February 2008

Saturday night's alright for working

I was bone tired last night, but it was a fun night at work. Most of us like to be busy and make money, and we heartlessly razz those who compain about it, so it's all good. Breakfast at Job 1 rocked, but lunch was hopelessly slow. We got most of the closing work done and had gone so far as to turn the sign off, when a table straggled in at ten minutes to close. Poo.
Now it's time for a lovely bubbly bath and a few minutes r&r, then off to Job 2, where I will tick away the minutes until I get off work and start a whole day off! Sorry, but I won't be blogging from the tub.

08 February 2008


That's about it.

07 February 2008


Leisurely school day today. Tracked down some e-resources for a paper, spent class watching Sense and Sensibility, which is lovely to look at and has a yummy Alan Rickman. Came home for a bit then off to work. Friday and Saturday are two-job days, then iPastor and I both have Sunday off. Cool. We'll probably spend it helping my brother move and squeezing in a b'day dinner or something for MIL. So far we're still waiting on all her test results, and it's getting really frustrating.
Now I'm shot so it's off to bed!

06 February 2008


So after we got everyone settled in to bed last night, iPastor switched on the TV.
"Maybe there'll be some election returns," he said. We visited about nothing and passed the time, when the music indicating the return to the newscast sounded. My husband squealed. Like a schoolgirl.
"Oooohhh! It's on!"
I gave him a look.
"What?" he said. "I'm excited."
"You are such a geek. I am so blogging you."
We watched the returns for a time, all the while iPastor kept a running commentary of who was faring how in which states, with speculation as to why. I finally turned to head for bed as the network returned to commercial, text and graphics flying in over the picture.
"Ooooh!" I heard. "I like the stars!"
At least he'll keep me interested until November.

05 February 2008

Raucous caucus

Probably would have been more fun if it was a little more raucous. Oh well.
Long day. School in a.m. Got up at 0445 to get some reading done in peace and quiet. The kids were fairly compliant last night, but I kept nodding off, so I figured it was better to wake early and start fresh. The evening class was cancelled due to caucus, so I came home and worked from here. Then off to deposit kids at dance and go caucusing, were I got elected delegate to the freakin' county convention. Poo. I was hoping to hit the vote and out, but they didn't pass out the senate ballots until later, effectively roping us in. The senate race was the only one in which I had a clear preference, so I was committed.
Now it's off to bed, and I leave you with this cautionary statement: Don't ask your 13-year-old daughter to shovel unless you want this...

04 February 2008


I didn't follow the NFL season very closely this year, but I watched with delight and joy as Randy Moss was robbed of a Superbowl ring in the last two minutes of the game. Har. Minnesota fans can carry a grudge with the best of them. It's all about attitude. When Viola left the Twins he was soundly booed the next time he showed his face in the dome. Chuck Knoblouch graduated to trash thrown on the field. No-one seems to bear any ill will toward Kevin Garnett or Torii Hunter for seeking out greener pastures, because they were gracious and polite. Randy Moss has been a thorn in the side of Minnesotans since Cris Carter gave up his babysitting job. Moss's "I'll play when I feel like playing" attitude got old quickly. The response when Moss begged off his contract was "Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya." Lots of fun to see his season end in a loss.
Back to the grind today. Got a couple more free evenings that I expected, though, so I hope to get some stuff done. Happy Monday!

03 February 2008


Ahh Sunday, a day of rest. I wish. I really would like to dedicate the day to spiritual rest and refreshment, but propane isn't getting any cheaper. Unfortunately, this is also the day to take out the garbage, make sure everyone has clothes for the upcoming week, yada yada yada.
Superbowl Sunday at a bar and grill ought to prove interesting. Job 1 was pretty quiet; I'm sure folks were preparing for tonight. Yuck. The 'rents returned my kid to Job 1 today, and it was quiet enough I got to sit and eat with them and have a visit. Gotta like that. Now I'm off to squeeze in a couple loads of laundry before Job 2.

02 February 2008

Home improvement

iPastor has been mighty impressive lately, completing a couple of long-avoided household projects this week. Thing 2 and the dining room have newly functioning light fixtures. Cool beans.
My MIL got hold of me and gave me a haircut Thursday, and I am cold!!! I like the ease of super-short hair, but I miss my insulation. Now I have to invest in hats. MIL was anxious to get it done, though. Tuesday she's off to the U Med Center for assessment of her newly-discovered cancer. We've been dealing with that revelation hereabouts for the past couple of weeks. She wanted to keep it relatively quiet until she had more details, but we live in a small town, and the news network had ahold of it almost before she found out herself. This is only a slight exaggeration. She is a hairdresser, after all. ;) Go send the woman some long-distance love.

01 February 2008


Jeez, a new month already? Time flies when you're having fun. Or working insane schedules, I guess. Friday night off! Woot. Taking Thing 3 to meet up with the g'parents for her birthday weekend with them. This is one of those aforementioned free evenings, so we'll hit the stores or something as a family and try to have some fun. Weird when K-Mart is an evening out, but I guess I covered that last week.