16 September 2009

Resuming normal

We're getting back into the swing of things here at casa del goose. The first week at my school was subdued, to say the least. A sophomore boy killed himself the Thursday before school started. In today's world, most of our kids had word via text and Facebook within the hour, so they had the long weekend to process the news and their reactions. His funeral was held the following Thursday at school so the kids could participate as needed. All in all, the district. local clergy, staff and kids did a wonderful job, but we didn't push too hard that first week of school. We got rolling pretty well this week, and right into homecoming week mayhem.
On other fronts, the rollercoaster ride of jobs and activities is keeping the local gas station well paid as we haul kids hither and yon. Today I don't have anyone to haul, and I'm enjoying a little break
With that, I'm off to enjoy some time in my home with its inhabitants!

08 September 2009

All's well

Everyone survived our weekend at Lifelight, we all got back to school safely, and when I got home today ipastor had baked pie! Life is good!

02 September 2009

Time keeps on slippin'...

Summer has whizzed past like a kid thru a sprinkler. Today and tomorrow are teacher workshops, then it's Lifelight or bust! After a short recuperation Monday, we're all back to school! Situation normal...