01 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Rather than "resolutions," a friend posted a New Year's "Bucket List." I like how her bucket list items were very specific, and completely attainable.  My ideas are still more ephemeral, and less specific.  I haven't had the time to sit down with myself and formulate such concrete ideas, but I will start here and keep working at it.  Putting these out here for accountability and support.

More reading for pleasure.

    Lately it seems I only read for class, or inane crap on the internet.  While there's plenty of delightful entertainment out there, there's also plenty of timesuck. I do also read articles on subjects that interest me, but I feel my patience for long-form literature waning with each bite-sized blurb.  I need to rebuild stamina.

More writing for pleasure.

    Again, research papers, case studies, lesson plans:  blech.  I want to write for fun.  Or deep philosophic introspection.  Right.

More active interaction with my kids.

     We are actually making an effort to at least gather together with our various devices and distractions.  It's actually a very pleasant way to pass time.  I do not, however, want it to be the only way we spend time together, and that will require actually putting forth an effort.

I will try some sort of outdoor winter activity.
     I HATE  WINTER.  I resent being trapped inside and I abhor the dark and bitter cold.  I want to combat this by trying something I can enjoy outside in the snow.  Perhaps snowshoeing or cross-country ski.  We have paths nearby, and it's way less expensive and smelly than snowmobiling or ice fishing.

Send more postal mail.

    I have done this in the past, and miss it when I don't.  Also ties in with the writing.

More date nights/weekends/events.
    We've been thinking about this, and got a couple in.  Need to prioritize it and not let it fall by the wayside.

Thoroughly explore the possibility of a practicum abroad.

     I need to put in 45 hours student teaching ESL somewhere.  Why not overseas?

Start a Bitstrip chronicle of my life


I need to get going on some of these and get out of the chair.  Hope everyone has a blessed 2014!