29 September 2001

Woof. I am wiped. Here in the thriving metropolis of Watson, population 211, we have taken to having Saturday afternoon pickup softball games. Usually we have about 15-20 players, a few spectators, a bagful of communal equipment, a cooler of pop and a cooler of beer. We lost 69-17 or something like that, but a good time was had by all, and we plan to continue as long as weather permits.

My ever so thoughtful hubby bought me a copy of the Drunken Master for my Birthday, so I got to watch that last night. I don't know why I love Jackie Chan so much. I really don't go in for action movies. Maybe it's the sense of humor all his movies have.

24 September 2001

Well, first Brownie meeting actually went pretty well. We talked a little about the events of the past two weeks, made a little patriotic button thing, and played some international games out in the yard for a "Play Around the World" try-it (Brownie level merit badges). When I was a Scout, and walked up hill both ways selling my cookies in a snow storm, Brownies didn't have badges, and didn't sell any product. That was for the older girls. We just got to be cute and "Do a good turn daily." Worse things could happen.

Just watched Shanghai Noon. Fun. I've loved Jackie Chan since all he made was overdubbed Bruce Lee wannabe flicks. I've an itch to see The Drunken Master. If you get a chance to see the Bravo Profile of Jackie, it's a good watch.

23 September 2001

Argh! I clicked the wrong button and lost my post!!! Oh well, life will go on, and I shall compose more pearls of wisdom.

We had a really great party last night. A fun, mellow, good time. We had karaoke en mass, lots of food, and a really nice turnout. Makes me want to do it more than once a year...

I have run out of steam, and I must go correct my children. Tomorrows new adventure: First Brownie Meeting. I bet I'll have LOADS of new insights this time tomorrow...

18 September 2001

A week since I last posted. I teased a friend of mine about not posting, and she was quick to point out my dearth of entries. After 911, I felt very small and insignificant. What right have I to an opinion on anything when such things are happening on the planet? But then again, I bugged Ann because I am pleased to read the news in her life. They are on a house hunt, which also may seem like small potatoes, but I derive great pleasure from following their personal adventure to carve out a home of their own. And if any one of you out there gain a smile from something I write, I am pleased to help!
This will be a short one, tho. Almost time to pick up the teenager from the activity bus (Only goes as far as the next town up...sheesh), and cleaning now in preparation for Saturday's party. That and short on sleep. The town fire siren went off at 1:30 am, and 'tho it was only moments before we could watch the firemen heading to the hall, that eerie wail in the middle of a clear, still, night, in light of recent events, made for poor sleeping afterwards. Neither one of us got back to sleep until well after 3. I don't know how all 4 kids slept thru that. But I'm glad they did.

11 September 2001

So, I flip the TV to BBC America for my daily dose of Ground Force and Changing Rooms, and I wonder, "Why are they showing these two big smokestacks?" Of course, it only took a few seconds to come up to speed on the story, and watch the story unfold, and the New York City skyline change before our very eyes. So anything witty or profound I had to say today has been amazingly overshadowed. See ya later.

07 September 2001

Tonight I discovered that reruns of "...Millionaire?" are much more fun when watching with someone who has never seen the show before. Especially the celebrity version where they get to cheat.

Getting Thing 2 to bed earlier has not gone very well, but after a rocky start on Tuesday, she's actually been getting up and ready quite well. Hope she keeps up the good work.

Apparently, you can take the man out of politics... After yesterday's visit from the governor (I cannot find the correct spelling of "gubernatorial"? on dictionary.com. I once met a parrot that had been taught to say "gubernatorial". So now whenever we mention Jesse, I think of this bird...) my husband got himself involved in a discussion of broadband communication in the boondocks, with the current state representative, former US Representative, and current mayor (who had "Broadband What?" stamped across his forehead). Then KSAX pulled him aside for an interview, and he got hisself a TV spot on the 10 o'clock news, which I, of course, missed. Oh well.

Three more days to go, then I get a couple off. Whee! Until then, off to bed.

05 September 2001

Aaaii! My husband is taking the computer to town! I must post now or be forced to type on an old, serviceable, completely functional but PAINFULLY SLOW Mac 7200. Aarrggh!

The G4 is going to do DJ duty in Downtown Monte tomorrow as Governor Jesse makes a milk run thru town. Got to keep the crowds entertained I guess. My friend John does not have much love for the Governor. I haven't paid much attention to him lately. Previously, there have been ideas of his I haven't agreed with, but he's made his point. I wasn't too happy about no public funding for the Guthrie, but then again, he also gave no public funding to professional athletics, so he was consistent on that point. What I don't like about Jesse is how defensive he gets about stuff. When a reporter takes him to task about something he can get his hackles up so quickly, even if he has a perfectly valid point, he spoils it for me with the defensive sheild.

Hubs covered the first day of school in his blog. Great pic of Thing3 mourning Bruno's loss to the school bus. Everyone came home happy, but I think we have to try an earlier bedtime for Thing 2. She got ready for bed and settled in before 9 as requested, but she was still heck to get up. Tonight we'll try 8:30. If no improvement, 8 pm tomorrow.

Well, I suppose I should wrap this up and start slowly weaning myself from the keyboard. Baby steps. Baby steps.

04 September 2001

Spent Labor Day doing manual labor, of all the silly things... Got things accomplished, 'tho. I dug window screens out of my closet that have been there since before we bought the place, and lo and behold, I actually found room for clothes! Amazing. I've been watching home and garden shows way too much lately. I have a lovely large living room, but there are doors, built-in cabinets or archways on 3 sides, and I'm having an awful time getting it arranged the way I like. I am also a bit limited on furniture. I hate to make the TV the focal point of the room. We tried not even having it in the living room, but we couldn't find a spot where the whole family could comfortably watch a movie together, or have friends over for the ball game or something. Way in the future, after we win the lotto, we plan to redo the basement. Then I can have a family room and send the kids and their TV and the hockey table down there.

I have developed a weird fascination for Christopher Lowell on the Discovery Channel, and so has my husband. It's like driving by an accident, you just can't help but watch. He's a huge fruitcake, but he seems to be having an absolute ball, faux painting and decorating with fabric. He's an absolute hoot.

Well, off to accomplish more great things.