18 September 2001

A week since I last posted. I teased a friend of mine about not posting, and she was quick to point out my dearth of entries. After 911, I felt very small and insignificant. What right have I to an opinion on anything when such things are happening on the planet? But then again, I bugged Ann because I am pleased to read the news in her life. They are on a house hunt, which also may seem like small potatoes, but I derive great pleasure from following their personal adventure to carve out a home of their own. And if any one of you out there gain a smile from something I write, I am pleased to help!
This will be a short one, tho. Almost time to pick up the teenager from the activity bus (Only goes as far as the next town up...sheesh), and cleaning now in preparation for Saturday's party. That and short on sleep. The town fire siren went off at 1:30 am, and 'tho it was only moments before we could watch the firemen heading to the hall, that eerie wail in the middle of a clear, still, night, in light of recent events, made for poor sleeping afterwards. Neither one of us got back to sleep until well after 3. I don't know how all 4 kids slept thru that. But I'm glad they did.

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