04 September 2001

Spent Labor Day doing manual labor, of all the silly things... Got things accomplished, 'tho. I dug window screens out of my closet that have been there since before we bought the place, and lo and behold, I actually found room for clothes! Amazing. I've been watching home and garden shows way too much lately. I have a lovely large living room, but there are doors, built-in cabinets or archways on 3 sides, and I'm having an awful time getting it arranged the way I like. I am also a bit limited on furniture. I hate to make the TV the focal point of the room. We tried not even having it in the living room, but we couldn't find a spot where the whole family could comfortably watch a movie together, or have friends over for the ball game or something. Way in the future, after we win the lotto, we plan to redo the basement. Then I can have a family room and send the kids and their TV and the hockey table down there.

I have developed a weird fascination for Christopher Lowell on the Discovery Channel, and so has my husband. It's like driving by an accident, you just can't help but watch. He's a huge fruitcake, but he seems to be having an absolute ball, faux painting and decorating with fabric. He's an absolute hoot.

Well, off to accomplish more great things.

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