05 September 2001

Aaaii! My husband is taking the computer to town! I must post now or be forced to type on an old, serviceable, completely functional but PAINFULLY SLOW Mac 7200. Aarrggh!

The G4 is going to do DJ duty in Downtown Monte tomorrow as Governor Jesse makes a milk run thru town. Got to keep the crowds entertained I guess. My friend John does not have much love for the Governor. I haven't paid much attention to him lately. Previously, there have been ideas of his I haven't agreed with, but he's made his point. I wasn't too happy about no public funding for the Guthrie, but then again, he also gave no public funding to professional athletics, so he was consistent on that point. What I don't like about Jesse is how defensive he gets about stuff. When a reporter takes him to task about something he can get his hackles up so quickly, even if he has a perfectly valid point, he spoils it for me with the defensive sheild.

Hubs covered the first day of school in his blog. Great pic of Thing3 mourning Bruno's loss to the school bus. Everyone came home happy, but I think we have to try an earlier bedtime for Thing 2. She got ready for bed and settled in before 9 as requested, but she was still heck to get up. Tonight we'll try 8:30. If no improvement, 8 pm tomorrow.

Well, I suppose I should wrap this up and start slowly weaning myself from the keyboard. Baby steps. Baby steps.

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