26 April 2007

Whiz bang.

Another week? Dang. Let's see what I got for y'all...

Um, not much.

I have given notice at the bar job. I am too old for this. Waitressing is fine; I love Job 2. Smoky rooms, late nights, and mouthy drunks have sucked the life out of me. I'm done. I will be going back to class this summer, and something's gotta give. I still need a second job, but I'll find something else.

Otherwise, been busy working, walking dogs, and enjoying the spring weather in the yard a little bit.

Now I need to go pack for women's retreat. I'll catch y'all on the flip side.

18 April 2007

Chirp Chirp

The snow melted, and the temps have been decidedly more spring-like, so I've been spending a fair amount of time outside and not at the computer. Today is a pretty day, but the breeze makes it a bit too cool for a weenie like me to want to spend any real time out there, so I'm back to grace you all with my presence.

Yesterday was Thing 3's spring concert for school. They gave a little program about a bullfrog who bullied all the animals in the swamp. When they needed someone to sing for the swamp concert, they asked the bully-frog because they heard him sing in the shower, then he was friendly. Moral: if you want the lead in the show, bully everyone until you get it. Seems to work in real life...

I have been working since Easter with no full days off. I will work until April 27, when I go to women's retreat. I'll need it. Dang those bills, anyway.

I should now go feed the Things. You all have a delightful day!

11 April 2007

My, how the days do fly...

So I hope everyone had a blessed Easter while I was spacing off. We had a lovely day. iPastor came in when the alarm went off and said, "Christ has risen, and that noise means you should, too." He was on a roll, as I stumbled to the bathroom he quipped, "...and you think YOU feel like death warmed over..." What an acrobat, walking that fine line between irreverence and blasphemy with such skill. Whoever says God doesn't have a sense of humor never looked too closely at a platypus. iPastor is fond of saying a guy couldn't walk around the desert with 12 other guys and not tell a few jokes around the campfire. As long as we're down this path anyway, my favorite has to be a Christmas card I once saw with a disgruntled Mary standing in her living room with the door ajar, and the caption, "Jesus Christ, were you born in a barn?"

I woke Monday with yet another cold, probably contracted from Thing 4's perpetual snotty nose lately. We seem to have had more than usual of the bugs this year. None of them has gotten really bad, but we just can't seem to shake 'em, either. Oh well, some time out in the fresh air should help, if it would EVER QUIT SNOWING!!!! Three inches of slushy crap overnight, which means crunchy crap today. Yuck. The buzz has been more on Friday, but TWC says only 41 and windy. That might be miserable, but actually helps dry things out a bit. Friday also happens to be my 16th wedding anniversary, which is neither here nor there, but I thought I'd toss it out there for ya.

Well, I'd better go walk the dogs before they explode and dry shirts for work. Have a swell day, all.

04 April 2007

Winter, Round 2

Last Monday it was 77 degrees and sunny out. Yesterday it snowed. Today is windy and cold with intermittent patches of snow and sun. Springtime in Minnesota, as per usual.

Had a day off from both jobs. Thing 4 had preschool screening, in which all the teachers and nurses made me feel SO much better by saying things like "I can't believe he's grown up this much already!" and "I remember when he was just a baby." So do I.

I followed this up with a trip to the dentist, where I confirmed what I already was pretty sure of; I'll soon have two teeth pulled and one fixed. Blech. I topped that off with a deep cleaning under the gums, so a good time was had by all.

iPastor treated us to lunch and we came home to watch "Thank You for Smoking." Wicked funny.

I had many ideas of depth and candor to share with you all today, and I can't think of a blessed thing now that I am seated at the computer. So I guess I will go work on making my home a lovely and comfortable place for the family, or at least scrape the top layer of scuzz off and see to it they have clean underwear.

01 April 2007


iPastor and I both worked 'til the wee hours Friday nite/Saturday morning, then hauled our collective butts out of bed and into the vangina (it is pear-shaped and carries my kids, non?) and headed off to the big Cities. We took the south route in, opened the door and dumped our kids off on the flyby with friends in Savage; then we hustled up to the Capitol for Tartan Day ceremonies. Any excuse to hang out in a room full of kilted men is OK by me. Yummy.
I was about to riff on how its hard for any guy to make a kilt look bad. Then I found this site. Sorry. I still assert that when they're worn CORRECTLY, a kilt can look good on a man of any size, shape or age.

Due to moving inside the rotunda, the ceremony was shortened by at least half, so we were back on the road to Savage within the hour. We somehow managed to find gridlock on a Saturday, and made a twenty minute (on a normal Saturday) trip in 45. We fed the kids and let them loose upon each other. Our hosts had been invited to the Buffalo Tap to celebrate a friend's new job, so we headed out for really good food (try it if you get near the south 'burbs--ask for JoAnn) and shenanigans. Karaoke was sung (on a bit of a rinkydink system, and the KJ needs a few lessons in running a pro show) cards were played, and the proverbial good time was had by all. We loaded up the kids and headed home, arriving at 4am to discover the dog-walker had fed the dogs about three times what they normally get in a day and their room looked and smelled like a cattle yard. Gonna have to come up with a plan "c" for dog maintenance when we're away.
Rolled back out of bed in time for church, Palm Sunday brunch and Easter egg hunting in the snow. Yes folks, it is Minnesota and if you don't like the weather it will change in five minutes.
Now that the festivities are over, I think will grab a Sunday nap, then go buy groceries for the week.