01 April 2007


iPastor and I both worked 'til the wee hours Friday nite/Saturday morning, then hauled our collective butts out of bed and into the vangina (it is pear-shaped and carries my kids, non?) and headed off to the big Cities. We took the south route in, opened the door and dumped our kids off on the flyby with friends in Savage; then we hustled up to the Capitol for Tartan Day ceremonies. Any excuse to hang out in a room full of kilted men is OK by me. Yummy.
I was about to riff on how its hard for any guy to make a kilt look bad. Then I found this site. Sorry. I still assert that when they're worn CORRECTLY, a kilt can look good on a man of any size, shape or age.

Due to moving inside the rotunda, the ceremony was shortened by at least half, so we were back on the road to Savage within the hour. We somehow managed to find gridlock on a Saturday, and made a twenty minute (on a normal Saturday) trip in 45. We fed the kids and let them loose upon each other. Our hosts had been invited to the Buffalo Tap to celebrate a friend's new job, so we headed out for really good food (try it if you get near the south 'burbs--ask for JoAnn) and shenanigans. Karaoke was sung (on a bit of a rinkydink system, and the KJ needs a few lessons in running a pro show) cards were played, and the proverbial good time was had by all. We loaded up the kids and headed home, arriving at 4am to discover the dog-walker had fed the dogs about three times what they normally get in a day and their room looked and smelled like a cattle yard. Gonna have to come up with a plan "c" for dog maintenance when we're away.
Rolled back out of bed in time for church, Palm Sunday brunch and Easter egg hunting in the snow. Yes folks, it is Minnesota and if you don't like the weather it will change in five minutes.
Now that the festivities are over, I think will grab a Sunday nap, then go buy groceries for the week.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am liking the dude on his back..hehe

it snowed here briefly, I went for my walk and it was so windy the waves from the lake were raining on me..it was not a fun jaunt..not fun at all.

Carterocks said...

Wait a minute! I get busy at work, fail to read your blog for a couple of weeks and I come back to men in kilts?

Back to work.

Cliff Morrow said...

The man we hired to play the 'pipes' at my MIL's 80th birthday said there was nothing 'worn' under the kilt. "Just well used" he said. I'm sorry, you've heard that, but you know how I am.
Looks like a great time was had by all.
I admire any one who can shop for the week. I'll be lucky to get everything purchased by the time our store closes Sat. nite.

katjjames said...

Thank goodness some of those men did not go "regimental".