06 February 2008


So after we got everyone settled in to bed last night, iPastor switched on the TV.
"Maybe there'll be some election returns," he said. We visited about nothing and passed the time, when the music indicating the return to the newscast sounded. My husband squealed. Like a schoolgirl.
"Oooohhh! It's on!"
I gave him a look.
"What?" he said. "I'm excited."
"You are such a geek. I am so blogging you."
We watched the returns for a time, all the while iPastor kept a running commentary of who was faring how in which states, with speculation as to why. I finally turned to head for bed as the network returned to commercial, text and graphics flying in over the picture.
"Ooooh!" I heard. "I like the stars!"
At least he'll keep me interested until November.


Lucy Stern said...

We intentionally did not watch the election returns, TF knew it would all be in the paper in the morning.

ipastor said...

I definitely DID NOT "squeal like a schoolgirl."
Poetic license denied.

Gette said...

There was a definite yelp of joy, very much like a little kid at Christmas. Enough to call attention to itself. I believe Wallace made a visit, too...