05 February 2008

Raucous caucus

Probably would have been more fun if it was a little more raucous. Oh well.
Long day. School in a.m. Got up at 0445 to get some reading done in peace and quiet. The kids were fairly compliant last night, but I kept nodding off, so I figured it was better to wake early and start fresh. The evening class was cancelled due to caucus, so I came home and worked from here. Then off to deposit kids at dance and go caucusing, were I got elected delegate to the freakin' county convention. Poo. I was hoping to hit the vote and out, but they didn't pass out the senate ballots until later, effectively roping us in. The senate race was the only one in which I had a clear preference, so I was committed.
Now it's off to bed, and I leave you with this cautionary statement: Don't ask your 13-year-old daughter to shovel unless you want this...

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Cliff said...

been there done that