10 February 2008

Cold and dry

I am still amazed at the idiots who think a windy night with -33 winchills is the time to go out to the freakin' bar and load up. Morons.
Stayed home from helping the brother move today due to that bitter chill. We'll head over next weekend, maybe.
During church today, our friend's three-year old took herself to the bathroom during the sermon. She came out and announced plainly, "There's no water in the pipes." That's right, friends, the cold has brought yet another busted water main to our fair city. I feel for they crew that has to brave this cold to fix it, but not so bad as to cease complaining.
I have been having a difficult time with studying today. The aforementioned e-resources I got have been interesting, but not pertinent to the paper I need to write. When it comes to further e-research, I have been Captain Distracto, finding anything and everything on the 'net to amuse myself except useful stuff. I did manage to reconnect with some former theatre friends who are now in the ministry in North Dakota, so it's time well spent, anyway.
Now it's time to feed the clan and head back to church, with high hopes of running water in time to flush before bed.

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