13 February 2008


Made it through my long day at school, then picked up a happy teen from dance class on the way home. Somewhere between then and bedtime she morphed into a shrieking banshee teen. These years may kill me. She was relatively pleasant when I got her out of bed for school, but made it all the way to sullen by the time she left for the bus stop.
Been randomly chasing some linkies I may sort out and share later, but that is for another day. Today is a short work day, so I'm hoping to put it to good use around the house. Thursday's homework is reading Emma, so that's hardly a chore once I carve out some time for the task. I am also applying to Teach for America (think teacher peace corps), which I found relatively late in the game, so I have to crank out an application essay by Friday. Better get at it.

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