25 February 2008


It is indeed warmer than this time last week, but it is cloudy and the wind is raw. At least the temp is on the right side of zero.
iPastor is on supper duty today, and it looks promising with cheezy hashbrowns and omelets. I have some homework for the online class, so I will leave you at your leisure.


Lucy Stern said...

Cheezy hashbrowns and omlets sound soooooo good, I'm hungry.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm just stopping by to say a big HOWDY to the bloggers (I don't know) who are going to Blogstock '08. I'll be there too, and I want to get to know you before the big event.
My hubby is a pastor too. I do Blog Church every weekend at my blog. I call myself Rev. JD on the weekends, and just plain old Jamie Dawn during my once a week, midweek posts.
I look forward to meeting you!

Rachel said...

You have made me hungry!