27 February 2008

Long day

I'm tired tonight. There's an old Carol Burnett skit where the wife gets up, goes into the kitchen, gets ready for work, puts down the toast and leaves, then her husband comes in from work just as the toast pops up and butters it and eats it. That seems a lot like my life right now. I so seldom see iPastor that on nights when we're actually home together we do stupid stuff like stay up until 2am to spend some time together. Pretty much wrecked my day today. Worth it, though.
Blog has been pretty trite lately. I think of interesting and witty stuff when I'm somewhere else, but by the time I get back to the keyboard, I've forgotten it, or I'm too tired to work out the words the way I want them. I'll head off to bed and work out something amusing for a future post.


Michele said...

hey there!

thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the offer!

Alida said...

I feel this way from time to time... in my head all my blog posts are witty and clever!