02 February 2008

Home improvement

iPastor has been mighty impressive lately, completing a couple of long-avoided household projects this week. Thing 2 and the dining room have newly functioning light fixtures. Cool beans.
My MIL got hold of me and gave me a haircut Thursday, and I am cold!!! I like the ease of super-short hair, but I miss my insulation. Now I have to invest in hats. MIL was anxious to get it done, though. Tuesday she's off to the U Med Center for assessment of her newly-discovered cancer. We've been dealing with that revelation hereabouts for the past couple of weeks. She wanted to keep it relatively quiet until she had more details, but we live in a small town, and the news network had ahold of it almost before she found out herself. This is only a slight exaggeration. She is a hairdresser, after all. ;) Go send the woman some long-distance love.

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