09 February 2008

Saturday night's alright for working

I was bone tired last night, but it was a fun night at work. Most of us like to be busy and make money, and we heartlessly razz those who compain about it, so it's all good. Breakfast at Job 1 rocked, but lunch was hopelessly slow. We got most of the closing work done and had gone so far as to turn the sign off, when a table straggled in at ten minutes to close. Poo.
Now it's time for a lovely bubbly bath and a few minutes r&r, then off to Job 2, where I will tick away the minutes until I get off work and start a whole day off! Sorry, but I won't be blogging from the tub.

1 comment:

Cliff said...

Get outta the tub, yer all wrinkly. I'll bet your husbands election commentary is just as accurate as what is running on NPR and CNN.