22 February 2008

Good neighbors

Hopped out of the car after work to be waved over by neighbors for fried chicken and a game of cards. They said they'd already talked to iPastor. He had two kids home sick form school today, so he had fed them early and headed back to bed before night shift. I checked in with the homefront, then headed to Uncle Dan's for a lovely evening. Uncle Dan is the friendly neighborhood curmudgeon. You may remember his transplant last year. His is the house all the kids flock to when they get off the bus. He always has cookies or banana bread in the freezer, and he loves to share. He's not afraid to cut 'em off when they've had enough, and he keeps track of which parents allow what sort of TV before letting them at his satellite TV. I've always known him to be pleasant, but according to his family he's had a bit of a turnaround in his life and attitude these past few years. Would love to see more like him.


Cliff said...

I remember Bill on the Bill Cosby show explaining to his kids about what Grandpa was really like.
"Don't be fooled kids, you didn't know him when he was young like I did, now he's just a mean old man trying to get into heaven."
I'm glad you've got good neighbors.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

I would love to have a neighbor like that... but I think I am that neighbor.

Makes for a messy house.

How are ya hun?