25 February 2008

Sunshine on my shoulders

Geez, there's a song I haven't thought of in a while. Beautiful day here. Went to work after church, where we had a slow day because everyone was off doing something else in the sunshine. That meant I got out the door right at closing time, and came home to walk the dogs in the sunshine. Very nice.
Got back inside to news that Elsie was in the ER with a fever of 102. Cancer sucks. Don't know if it was reaction to treatment or just compromised system letting her get sick, but the were comfortable giving her fluids and antibiotics, then sending her home to head back to radiation tomorrow. She stays in the cities at a residential hall set up for cancer patients for the duration of her treatment. First round of radiation will be done midweek, then reassess. Poo.
Well, plenty of homework and prep for a phone interview with Teach for America in the morning, so g'nite!

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Cliff said...

Sorry to hear of this bump in the road for your mil. This is a tough road she travels.