16 February 2008


Made a quick trip to SD to help bro move some furniture and do some cleaning. His new place is still little, but a little better and definitely cuter. Dropped the kids for some mall shopping while I helped clean, then turned around and headed home again to work at job2 at 5:30.
Hit Starbucks on the way home. I read the cup cozy as I waited for Thing 2's drink. It stated that the cozy was made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly amd lessening waste. It also stated "Intended for single use." Um...nevermind.
On the way home we scattered a flock of HUGE turkeys in the river bottom, and disturbed these poor ladies as they tried to have a liesurely snack. Poor things, never a moments' peace. Off to work!


Valerie said...

Beautiful Picture. I really enjoyed your blog.

Rachel said...

There you are distrubing all the wildlife!!

Cliff said...

That's not my idea of shooting deer.