04 March 2007

Recovering from the weekend

So I wound up not having to work Job #2 Thursday, either, and slacked off something fierce. Friday I got to skip Job #1 again and go to Job #2 just long enough to work a groom's supper. Hard to cancel a wedding because of snow (but I daresay its been done). In fact, check out the Cosmic Junkie's cool snow pic. That's how bad it got here! I got out of there relatively early, bar-wise, ran to the convenience store, and picked up some hot chocolate, and woke up Thing 1 for some mommy time. It was her 14th (!!!!!) birthday Friday. She'd had a yucky day. She's grounded over a less-than-stellar midterm report, and was unable to enjoy her freedom on the snow days. With dad off at work, I let her crawl into bed with me and we drank hot chocolate in bed (verboten!!) It was nice to have her snuggle up to me. The next day at work I got to hold a co-worker's new baby. I miss those days, but the snuggle isn't that much different when they're 14.

I realize I have transposed the job #s. How will you live? My morning job is actually the second job chronologically. Now that you know, I'm sure you are much relieved. Anyway, I picked up a shift at the day job, so I put in 8 hours there Saturday, went home, gave the kids some quick attention, grabbed a nap, then put in 7 at the bar. I was ready for a day of rest, indeed. We had potluck at church, so I threw a little turkey in the roaster and dinner was taken care of. Came home, flopped on the couch, was immediately flopped upon by two dogs, and I watched Little Miss Sunshine. I enjoyed it.

I realize now that I shouldn't have treated the dogs with turkey scraps. I'd forgotten about dog flatulence. Cripes!

Back to what resembles "normal" around here. That bus comes stinkin' early, so I'll bid you all a good night.


MamaMichelsBabies said...

The only difference between snuggling a new baby and an older child (besides that yummmy lotion scent that comes in a pink bottle) is that the older child you can tell to go do the dishes... it's almost better I think.

And huge amounts of support coming your way from me. Can you feel the waves? I don't know how working Moms do it all... I read how many hours you work and then go home to spend time with the kiddos and I think to myself that no matter how batty I become handling this house, I don't know if I could ever do what you guys do. My hats is off to you and others.

Cliff Morrow said...

You are a busy, busy person. And seem to be so calm.
Two things:
1. verboten? Is that Minnesotan for "we are all in a watercraft?" You people up there talk so darned funny.
2. Speaking of Paint Your Wagon, my favorite tune in that show was Lee Marvin talking/singing, I Was Born Under A Wondering Star. It was so bad it was good. Kinda like eating green olives.

Gette said...

MM-Hopefully all this work will lead to $$$ to finish the &!(*&!# degree so I can have one job that doesn't require serving food or wipin' adult bottoms!

Cliff, you crack me up. It actually means "My dog is under the wastebasket."