13 March 2007

Spring is in the air, mud is on my shoes...

...and dogs, and car, and just about everything. The gravel patch where we park is soup. The snow piles were so high they are melting slowly while other sections turn into lakes. Luckily, the very back of the yard where I want to work first is in full sun and should dry quickly.

The older Things want to do some gardening. I think I'll set them up a gro-lite in the basement and let them start some plants. Thing 1 wants flowers, Thing 2 wants veg. I'm sure Thing 3 will chime in eventually. I'm all for it; our yard can't look any worse than it does. Might as well dig up some veg patches. Better start tying the dogs outside fairly often when the ground dries to keep the rabbits away.

I am actually making progress around the house today, so I'd better get up before I stall out. Happy planting!


Peter said...

Hi Gette, thanks for the visit to holtieshouse, glad to hear you are enjoying my Dads story there are another 3 chapters which will fill in most of the time I am away from home this trip.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

it was a darn nice day today...I went for walk, opened a window breifly..

I am so ready for summer,

Cliff Morrow said...

Really funny blog about the 'crack'. Yes I'm sure that one will be alive for many years.
Our yard area is just mud also. The higher spots in the sun are starting to firm up but I found out it's not a good idea to go walking in the shade between the grain bins. Nearly didn't get my shoes out of that one.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Ahhh.. the mud, no biggie, that's another thing winter boots were made for, it was gorgeous outside, to bad it isn't staying. Just a small reminder of how much mopping I will be doing when spring hits us full force. That for me is the worst part... 2 dogs... mud.... white linoleum (not by choice, came with the house, I'm WAY smarter then that)but it was nice after 500 feet of snow dumped on us.

Oh.. and the butt crack thing? Cliff Morrows right... your never livin that down.