25 June 2006

Insert clever title here

The weekend that was, hmmm, let's see. Car got vandalized with black spray paint Friday night while I worked at the bar, but hubby got it cleaned up with goof off today, and we had a lovely visit with the chatty deputy who came to take pictures. Saturday I slept in a bit, then was awakened by Thing 2 bearing breakfast in bed. Too cool. Shortly thereafter, we met up with Grandparents from my side for early birthday lunch at the coffeehouse for William, as they will be out of town for the big day. Which leads me to planning what we actually will do for his birthday. He's still little enough that I don't have to do much besides find a cake and invite relatives. Worked last night, then helped Hubs tear down from a DJ gig. Had the day off today, and pretty much lounged and lazed it away after church. I suppose that means I should get my butt up and get something done.


Kelly said...

Wow, sounds like you need to invest in an auto alarm system. Wasn't your purse just stolen from a vehicle recently too?

Breakfast in bed...what an angel! It's great when they take care of Mom now and again, isn't it.

Hope you enjoyed your day off. Sounds like they are few and far between for you! Have a good week!

Gette said...

Two different vehicles, two different towns, but it really is getting a bit sickening.
Next full day off is next Thursday. I think I'll take the phone off the hook.