01 June 2007

School's out!

From a long weekend to a long week. After four days off, Tuesday was a little hard to take, but I managed to slip right back into the old rut and get to work. This week includes a groom's supper and wedding dance, so it'll be nice to see Sunday roll around.
We did a bit of rearranging on Monday, and so far the rest of the week I've made no real progress, but haven't backslid either.
The kids are done with school until August. Countdown until the first cry of "I'm bored"...
Under "C": "I have tater tot gravy in my ear."
I don't drink a lot of "road coffee." My schedule allows me to have coffee at home or work. Occasionally, if we're on a long drive or traveling at odd hours, I'll take my chances with a cup of convenience store java, but those times I usually opt for my beloved Starbucks Double Shot Espresso and Cream which I blogged lovingly about at the blog the domain ate last year (lots of caffeine packaged in four bladder-friendly ounces! hooray!) Recently, I needed java at an odd time, and swung through McDonald's drive-through. I had a surprisingly lovely cup of coffee. Small, three creams, just right. Just a handy tip for you coffee lovers out there.
Well, back to work now. You all enjoy your weekend off. Don't mind me. Really. I'll be fine.


MamaMichelsBabies said...

Errr... I live on coffee. Best road coffee is Holidays, chilled cream and different roasts (yes I know, the other guys are doing it now too, but Holiday did it first) it's what keeps me going some days.

The double shots are saved for extra special occasions, like sick children and road trips with children. Well, any event with children really.

Cliff Morrow said...

I was helping take admissions money and at the concession stand at our local rodeo this weekend. Working sounds better to me.
I'm not a coffee drinker (iced tea is my downfall) but one of my brothers claims McDonalds coffee is some of the best. He claims he found it by mistake at Sam's. Arabica is the brand name. orsomethinglikethat