28 November 2008

Learnin' new things

Somehow we have raised two kids to teenage in Minnesota with them never learning to ice skate. Auntie Todd and the grands took care of that this afternoon. My hometown is a hockey town with a relatively new indoor ice rink (where new=built since I graduated 22 years ago. Little bro was a goalie, now raising his own little hockey players, so they headed off to open skate and took my kids along, where the older kids took to skating like fish to water. Thing 3 had a little harder time, but still got up and made her way around the rink. Thing 4 watched and cheered.
They then came home to break out the presents from yesterday. The aunties both knit, so the older Things got learn-to-knit kits and private lessons.
Tonight some extended family have joined us to watch the hometown football team at the state competition. It's good fun, good times, quality living.


Rachel said...

Sounds like fun times!!!

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

I love ice skating! It's been a long time, though.