15 January 2009

Wild Goose Chase

So I apparently had the other email logged in today and accidentally posted this to the really old blog. This leds me to finding the "import blog" feature so I went ahead and consolidated. Cool beans...The "title" bar has disappeared...

Oh well. So why am I living in Minnesota? It's stinkin' cold here!! We haven't had a full day of school all week. Monday we had completely off at both schools. The blizzard was kind of a flop, but the blowing and drifting in the country still sucked, and the windchills were nasty. More snow on Monday night and continued windchill pushed the Tuesday starts back two hours all over the region. Yesterday, the kids' school ran on time but mine stayed 2 hours late. Diesel buses and children fare better if the sun is actually up, even if it is still blessed cold. By noon yesterday, my district, and several others in the area had already set today's start times back. Most of the rest followed suit by the 10:00 news last night. In this part of the country, almost every district is consolidated to some extent, which means lots more rural routes and shady township roads. With winds, some of them plug back up as soon as they get plowed open. Today as I look out the window, it seems pretty still, but holy cow, the "actual" temperature is -24. Blech. Usually we get one or two "Alberta Clippers" every year, and the severe cold is short-lived (after that it's just cold). We seem to have had more than our fair share of bitter cold this year, and more snow than the past few years. Out and about people are either complaining that it's "the worst winter in several years" or "the first normal winter we've had in several years." The latter is usually heard from snowmobilers and ice fishermen. As I drove home from school around the lake, I noted that it must really be cold, as there were no ice fishermen out, but as I got to the parking area at the boat landing, I saw the DNR hadn't plowed yet. I'm sure if there had been parking spots, the fishermen would have been out. Fishhouses stay warm. I suppose I had better scoot mine out to the bus. Snowsuits ahoy.


As if the week wasn't weird enough, we had a fire alarm today. We knew no-one would have a drill on a day like today, so the kids started to file out into the bitter cold. The all clear was soon sounded, but not until after a bit of consternation. There was a problem: a burst pipe leaking all over the entryway. I assume it had something to do with the sprinkler system to set off the alarms, but haven't heard for sure.


Ralph said...

If even some of the people around there call that a normal winter - I'll plan to visit in the summer.

Cliff said...

I think I've asked you to keep your cold weather up there. You have once again let me down. We hit 21 below last week and today it was about 33 degrees when we got up. Funny thing was I had to pull a hunter out of the snow and two of my tractors jelled up. Likely left over cold fuel from last week. My storage tanks all had a big layer of frost on them from the bottom to up as high as the fuel went.