29 January 2011

Insert your favorite cliche about the swift passage of time here.

Holy cow.  Almost February.  We have several milestones here.  The first semester of the 2010-11 school year is over, here in the frozen tundra where the legie says we can't start until after Labor Day.  In that time we crammed in a long weekend in the Black Hills, a ski trip in Mankato for the teens while Mom and Dad went to meetings, and the normal Thanksmas and Christmas mayhem.  That means my eldest is half done with her senior year.  The first semester spreads over 5 moths with the various holidays and breaks, but the last is crammed into four, and will fly by.  I have to plan a graduation party.  Memorial Weekend, Saturday.  Bring a salad and stop by :)
It's also time for our first half-year exchange student to return home, which no-one is happy about.  We liked her so much we took on another half-year, a He-wi to replace our She-wi, currently staying with a welcome family until she departs.  Silly state department, not letting us have more than two in the house (we have a full year German with us as well.)  Shameless plug:  we've been hosting for nearly 10 years, we love it.  You should try it.  Go to effoundation.org to check it out!
The first of the foot dragging daughters finally got her driver's license, and had her first accident (minor) within eight days.  Nothing hurt but pride, and a dented door.  And a side-effect of a mother wistful for the days of toddling and tricycles.
So, we gather up to launch into the new month, new semester, and new family dynamic.  I'll send a postcard now and then.

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Cliff said...

We've hosted 3 three kids in the past. All good experiences except they all had a habit of laughing at me.
The senior year is busy, busy and busy but it's a lot of fun too. For the whole family. Have a good time.