14 May 2012

No more pencils...

The end of this school year has me just as anxious as my students.  Yet another one of my Things walks through graduation this year.  The Norwegian Afro and the Italian Songstress, who've spent all year becoming part of our family, will turn around and head home.  I have to make it through several more concerts, awards nights and meetings, then school's out for summer.  This year I am more antsy about the whole process.  I finally got full-time hours by taking on a new content area, and the resultant learning curve has me weary.  We're working hard to find homes for exchange students, and it feels like that's harder this year, too.  But mostly I am giddy like a kid in a candy store, because come July, I finally get to turn the tables and go abroad for the first time in 20+ years.  I can't wait.


Cliff said...

Man I know all about the end of year concerts, practices, recitals and it goes on and on.
Two weeks ago we attended a dance recital in Lincoln. I think every school girl in the city must be required to take dance. It started at 1 pm and got over at 5:30. My dil wasn't too offended when I offered to order pizza delivered into the performing arts center.
We'll need to hear more about this trip of yours.

Gette said...

Wow. We thought we were suffering thru 3 hour shows. After a couple of years of extra long dance shows, we suggested to the teacher that she should try two shows, naively thinking she could divide the girls into two shorter shows. Instead, she divided the classes and had two duplicate shows with different batches of the younger ones at each show, but the older girls doing both. Oy.