20 August 2013

Summertime, and the living is crazy...

The waning days of summer have arrived, just in time for the heat to return.  Uck.  Also, iPastor is having some terrible neck pain, so if you're of the praying sort, put in a good word for him. He had a tough day yesterday, and couldn't get settled in well at bedtime.  Subsequently, I slept fitfully, if at all, and finally got up and switched to the daybed in the library about 2:15.  We have some trees that need trimming, apparently, because the branches squeaking on the windows infiltrated my dreams, making them...weird, to say the least. I was fretful, knowing iPastor had a 10am PT appointment, and I didn't want to oversleep if he was too sore to drive.  I didn't have to worry overmuch, because by 5 am I was awakened by spatting cats, and iPastor stumbled back down at 5:30.  I shambled about in a sleep-deprived daze most of the morning, and we ran some errands. When we got home, I made sure the kids weren't starving to death and planned a late lunch.  I wandered up for a brief nap about 12:15, and once again didn't have to worry about oversleeping, because one of the Things decided they waited long enough for lunch and woke me with a text at 12:45.  After that was said and done, I puttered around a bit, took another stab at a nap and failed, which just meant I was still tired and crabby, plus I didn't accomplish much anything of use, either.  Wonderful.  I trudged down to make smoothies, and dropped my slacks down the laundry chute on the way by, as I noticed a spot on them.  If a gal can't run a blender in her underwear in her own kitchen, what's this world coming to, after all?  I pulverized fruit and yogurt with the noise of a thousand chainsaws, according to Thing 4.  I headed back to find new pants and go fetch my veggie share.  I walked out of the kitchen to find every. kid. in. the. stinking. neighborhood. in. my. foyer.  I don't know if the old lady underwear or slamming door shocked them most.  So far, the rest of the evening has been uneventful, and I have to believe it can only get better from there.  It was almost enough to make me look forward to going back to school. Almost.


Cliff said...

Funny stuff. (underware incident)
I hope the physical terrorist was able to do ipastor some good.
Teaching again this year??
When's the state fair?

Gette J said...

PT guy actually was quite sympathetic and concentrated on pain relief until we get a better idea of what's going on.
I teach .2 HS English and .8 K-12 English as a second language. I have two grad classes and a practicum left until I am officially licensed in that field, so I'm on my third provisional license. Except for a smattering of schools with special permission, we can't start until after Labor day. Which is nice this time of year, but don't talk to me about it in May.
The Minnesota State fair starts tomorrow and runs through Labor Day! We're headed in right away, as Thing 3 won the teen division in the County Fair talent show, and performs tomorrow at state. It's one of my favorite days to go, anyway. Discounts. slightly lighter crowds than the weekend, etc.
I saw this earlier this week and had to share it with Nora. :)

How many years have you been to the Minnesota State Fair? One man has attended for 75 consecutive years -- and that's including the two years it wasn't held. (To figure out how he did that, you'll just have to read the story, which is a good one: http://strib.mn/18D1eEo