13 March 2005

All's quiet...

Pretty uneventful of late. We had a pretty busy week brewing on the homefront, but happily it was a low-prep week for me at school. My students were working on performances and papers, so not a lot of "lessons" per se. It was to be a two-concert week for my kids, but two little sickos sat out one of the concerts. I worked a bit, so I felt busy.
Kyle had a frustratingly short reprieve from his pain, but now is as miserable as ever. At least we know now that steroid treatment works, so we can see what other options are out there along those lines. Its making all of us tired. He's unable to sleep much past 4 am on any given morning. Although the new memory foam bed is true to its claim that you can't really feel someone else moving around in bed, it doesn't do anything for hearing them. All in all, I've been pretty pleased with the new bed.
Better go now and herd the cats off to church.

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