07 March 2005

Full speed ahead

This week is going to be a long one. I am required to be at school from 7:45 until 3:45 daily. Often I go early or stay late to accomodate make-up work or meetings. Tonight we had a band concert. Tomorrow is the Tuesday marathon; I stay in town, two older go to play practice, younger I meet at library, do shopping and errands until two back-to-back dance classes, then home about 7:30. Wednesday I work my "real" job 4-9. Thursday is a choir concert. Friday I work again, as well as Saturday and Sunday. Whoda thunk a Monday would look so good?

We started Thing 1's debutante training last weekend. One of the really cool things about a small town is cheap, accessible space. The town hall here can be rented for $35. T1 had asked if her dad would set up his DJ equipment in the basement for her birthday. For $35, he could set up the DJ stuff and I wouldn't have to clean my house. Bonus is that Kyle knows his music and clientele, and won't play filth for the kids. So my daughter got to throw herself a dance for her birthday. I came out cheaper than taking the 7-year old bowling with her friends. I'm thinking this will be the plan from now on.

Hubby and I went to see The Gaithers in concert Friday night. We got our money's worth. Four hours of gospel music. Wow. It was a great variety: some family singing groups, a few southern gospel soloists, a bluegrass group, and a couple of men's quartets, along with some awesome CC soloists. Well worth the cost of admission. I shake my head at our eclectic music tastes, though. Among the concerts I have seen in my life: Rick Springfield, Michael W. Smith, Quiet Riot, Alice Cooper, Blues Traveler, Ronnie Milsap, and now the Gaithers. My husband saw Deep Purple, Ozzy and the Scorpions at an outdoor festival. We've been to REO Speedwagon, REM, ZZ Topp, and stood in awe of BB King. We watched Kansas blow Lynrd Skynrd off the stage. What a long strange trip it has been, indeed.

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