26 February 2005

I'll just shut up now

So I get another call today from work. This time, things worked in my favor. If I work nights, I get to weasel out of my evening shift today and half of it tomorrow. Athough the vampire schedule is awkward, the night shift is also quiet enough to allow me time to get some of my paperwork done for school. I also got to stay for my grandma's birthday party today. She was surprised, and a good time was had by all. I left my 3 oldest swimming with their cousins and aunties, and I will return to pick them up tomorrow. So, after all my bitching and bitterness, things actually worked out fairly well for me. I think I'll go sit quietly in the corner and count my blessings. I do need to get about taking a nap if I'm going to work, tho. Nite!

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