26 February 2005

What weekend?

The trouble with student teaching at 36 instead of 22 is that when I come home from school, rather than having an empty house to correct papers and work on lesson plans, I have a family to feed, children to not neglect, a husband who needs varying levels of attention depending on his pain these days, and sometimes a part-time job to go to. Where do I find the time?
Tomorrow I am missing my grandma's surprise 80th birthday party. I will make it for the family dinner. I made arrangements back in December for someone to cover my shift at work, We have a very informal system; no slips to fill out or requests. Unless we are working with vacation or something, we handle it ourselves. Unfortunately, the co-worker in question forgot and offered to work for someone else. I have called every other person on our payroll, and no-one can do it. This past semester I have had more conflicts on my scheduled weekend than I can ever remember. I have made all my plans for the upcoming summer according to my scheduled weekend. Last week, the gal incharge of the schedule for the time being called up and asked if I would switch weekends. Argh. I said no. I just made arrangements to take my kids to the family party tomorrow, and dump them off on my mom and sister so they don't have to miss the fun. Then I got a call from someone asking if I could pick up a night shift tonnight. The poor soul got an earful she probably didn't deserve. Nine more weeks and I can start job hunting.

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