22 February 2005

Ramble on

Busy round here. The school district gave us an oddly long president's day break. Thursday I succeeded at nothing beyond frustrating myself with the housework. Did a little bit of minvan shopping on Friday, while Kyle had his appointment with an orthopedist. After that, we left for the Cities and stayed with Kyle's auntie for the duration of the Scottish Ramble in Saint Paul. She joined us for Saturday, then we split the kids Sunday after church. It was a lovely time. The Folks from our clan and the Twin Cities Scottish community in general are a fun bunch. Came home Sunday night ands rolled straight into bed, then rose Monday to another day of household frustration. It seems like the more I do, the less it shows. I'm tired of being unable to walk accross my own floor without tripping.
The orthopedist told Kyle to start PT. Well, duh. The MD wrote a PT order as well, where the heck did that go? The therapist told him that his back injury so many years ago wasn't as serious as the fact that he's been walking for 38 years on one leg shorter than the other. It's knocked him way out of alignment. He's got lifts in his shoe and exercises. He rested much better last night, so its a start, anyway.
I am swamped with backlog correcting. I just got a batch of really fun papers from the 10th graders, though, so it's not so much like work. Better get at it.

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