30 April 2005

Once more unto the breach...

We just filled out the paperwork for our 4th exchange student (in 5 years). It has become a rather nasty little habit, but all in all its been great fun. We're having another little Dutch girl. Hopefully we won' scare her off Americans entirely.
The weather is downright weird today. We've had glorious sunshine, overcast skies, pelting rain, sleet and even snow. Right now the sun is out again. Oh well, welcome to Minnesota. If you don't like the weather, it'll change in 5 minutes.
One week left in the student teaching experience. These last two weeks I switched to 6th grade. Its been a blast. They are so much fun.
To add to our list of "One more thing to juggle," the dryer is broken. The little switch that indicates the door is shut broke off, so it won't start. I don't mind hanging clothes out for the time being, but it means I have to think ahead and plan so I don't go to school nekkid next week. I have to work a night shift tonight, so I am bringing my laundry along to dry. My job has some perks! If I can get caught up with the backlog, I should be able to keep up. Whee!

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Gene Veritas said...

Dear Gette:

Thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment. You raise a good point about looking at the "glass half full." I believe it's something that all at-risk, tested or untested, learn to do with great intensity, as I have. Someday I'll write about that aspect of being at risk. I look forward to reading more on your blog about HD.