09 May 2005

Unstructured time!

I hesitate to say "free" time, because I have so damn much to do, but I'm on my own schedule for a week. Woot! We've been spending little spurts of time on some rather large projects, and are finally starting to see some progress. I love it when that happens.
My brother just turned down a scholarship to attend the HDSA Convention in Atlanta. I was hoping we could attend as a family, but when we couldn't go, I still hoped he would go. He struggles enough with the limitations of Huntington's Disease, I feel he could get some real support from the people there. I went last year, and aside from having an absolute blast, I got a lot of great info and made some real friends. Oh, well, to each his own. Maybe next year.
Well, back to getting some of that work done.

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