18 January 2006

Day 2

Today was a more normal schedule, punctuated by a lunchtime fire drill (faulty sensor) at the junior high. I got to call up my nursing skills and help haul a wheelchair down the stairwell.
Mrs. E did review in English 12, and approached the 7 periods in Literature from a couple different "learning styles". She did some nice concrete charting and some artsy poetry writing (haiku: still math-y enough for concrete thinkers.) She ends each class as they file out by calling out "I care about you." Cool.
The day went much quicker at junior high with normal class periods!. The seventh graders did group work with homonyms and homophones. It took the whole period for most groups to complete two worksheets, front and back, but all in all they did seem to work well together and grasp the assignment. The eighth graders read a newspaper article for comprehension. I did this because Mrs G. was called out of the room. We did some basic q&a, but I felt at a bit of a loss as how to wrap it up. We have one really smal section of 15, and one of 26, the other nicely in the middle. Its really interesting to see the different dynamic in the groups.

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