17 January 2006

Day One

Once again traveling between two teachers of different styles. It helps to have a bit of history with Mrs E. Mrs G rocks. She looks like she's having fun even when the kids are irritating her (and she tells them!)
Its end of semester so at the senior high this week is all wrapping up and review.
I'va already found a couple new ideas to steal (thank you Harry Wong!) Both teachers keep a stack or box of folders for their students where handed back work is kept until the end of the term, fending off questions about missing grades or lost asignments. Mrs G said she got the idea from Mrs E.
Hard to learn the first day because it was a homeroom day, which this district does once a week. Everyone I encountered in the staff room seemed to feel homeroom was a wasted effort and a bunch of busywork. This month is careers, others are character and another "C" which escapes me at the moment. The eight (!) class periods are rearranged and shortened to create the homeroom block (30 min.). Must say I prefer Monte's 20 minutes every day, 'tho they were probably wise to move it to later in the day for attendance issues.

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