23 October 2006

iMade an iMovie

So if you have checked out the links on the sidebar over there, you have seen that iPastor's alter ego is that of Big Kahuna of the family biz. This means we have all manner of digital video editing software, and no-one would deign join the amateur hour and use that little iMovie gizmo that comes pre-packaged with the Mac. Also, as the cobbler's children have no shoes, so the videographer's children have no home movies. I have used the pro stuff enough to know my way around, but last night, when Thing 2 presented me with the dilemma of needing to finish a video project at the 11th hour (totally not her fault this time), I dug into my Applications folder and fished out iMovie. Thing 1 had helped her, having done a similar project last year. Being the video kids they are, they had shot 3 or 4 takes of all their scenes, so to hand in their raw tape would have sucked. I fired up the app, and I am hooked. For quicky little family vids, its just the ticket. I will go on record to say that iDVD sucks rubber donuts. Quit with all the music, bells and whistles and burn my verschlugende DVD already! I wish I had thought to try iMovie when I was wrestling with the fair videos (I am so going back and tweaking those--soonish).
Other than that, got through one insanely, unhealthily busy weekend, and now back to just insanely busy. I do want to do some catching up around the house, though, so I need to just. walk. away. from the Mac. Disengaging in 3...2...1

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