04 October 2006

Typing with a three-year-old on my lap earns bonus points, right?

We're having a lovely game of "kiss the bear". This is a nice change from his usual statements like "you being mean a me" and "Stop screaming." Before you call family services, "mean" and "screaming" are doing or saying anything that prevents him from getting his way at that moment. The joys!
Bro and SIL just left from a nice visit. Pie was eaten, games were played, friends were visited, and a good time was had by all, I think. I like days like that. Got enough accomplished on my day off that I didn't feel like it was wasted, and had some leisure as well!
Got some fly strips to fight the Amityville battle. They're mighty gross, but far less toxic than all the spray I've been using to little effect.
I am completely bereft of anythin interesting or amusing to post tonight, so I'll just let 'er go.
Nite all!


cosmic junkie said...

LOL!! anybody who uses an Amytiville reference to pest problems is all right in my book! I feel your pain, btw, anyone who tries to type with a kid, hungry cat, stinky cat, or just plain got a D in typing class because I refuse to acknowlege the other 8 fingers existence, deserve some recognition.

Cliff Morrow said...

There is a solution to the fly problem...but you might have trouble finding someone to adopt your kids who would still give you visitation.