03 July 2007

Looky what I got!

Woohoo! I gotsa button! Me likey. Many thanks to Michel for making me feel like somebody extracts something from the drivel I post (and promises drinks!) Now I guess the idea is to pass along the love, so let's see...

To Bossy: Often I can't follow WTF she is saying, but she spews forth comments that make me snort coffee over my keyboard. And one of her handles is Rocker Mom, so who better?

To Britmum: With bonus rockin' for her

And to Kelly: Who has to deal with other people's kids en masse on a daily basis, which really rocks.

Copy/paste that button and Rock On!!


Flip Flop Goddess said...

aww...thats so nice..

WAIT..U dont know WTF I am saying most days..crap..


sorry I have not been around much, but u know, I am dealing with the devil over here in meeker County..

KrazyMom said...


Cliff said...

Sorry to hear about the contest. Next time they'll recognize quality when they see it.
Blessings on thing one for her dealings with Nina.