11 October 2007


So I head to the 5th (Extreme Quiet) floor of the library to work and a class has a meeting room with full window walls booked and they are watching Fast Food Nation. Great flick, major distraction, and I won't need lunch today...


Cliff said...

Well just when I thought you had quit blogging...you become prolific.
The article was interesting. I've sat across the table from some of those folks mentioned.
The key is that raising the price of corn to a more reasonable level was the goal and that has been accomplished. While my costs steadily went up 5% per year from the time I was married, the value of corn and beans stayed at the same levels. When you add in the efficiency's gained thru higher yields the bottom line is still a loss.
This has helped.
Glad the bar job will get you to the roost a little sooner.
Good luck with the studies.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

I never knew much about the agriculture in our state (lets face it, if I ever were to talk with a farmer, I'd feel guilt every time I bought into the corn sale at the grocery store) but I do hear this enthanol push was good for them. THat's what I hear at least... I don't know.

And I saw that too.. and wanted to puke afterwards, your right. Yuck.

Good to hear your able to slow down some, your busier then I am, which is scary considering. I don't know how the heck you do it with 4 children and working, plus school... your a super hero to be sure.