03 October 2007

Parcel Post

Lately it seems like Thing 1 can't remember a blessed thing she needs to get through the day. I am becoming well-acquainted with the office staff at her school. So today, once again, the phone rang. This time: ice cream for TA treats. TA is like homeroom, and the kids take turns bringing treats on Wednesdays. So I rearranged my schedule, loaded Thing 4 into his car seat, ran some errands and dropped off her treats. I was feeling mightily persecuted, and coming up with a snappy quip for the secretaries, but when I got inside, the counter was lined with snacks from all the other parents who got called in a panic this morning. Looks like I was in good company, today anyway.


Cliff said...

I suppose it made you wonder if they really needed your treats.

Gette said...

Well, they had to spread 'em out between all the different TA's. Otherwise it would be quite the picnic.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

I hate it when they have to call you in like that.. you really do feel like you did when you got sent to the principals office as a kid. Not that I would know what that was like.. right?

Hopefully Thing 4 will remember it from now on.. save you the trip