26 September 2007

No news is no news

Not much happenin' around casa del goose. We work, eat, sleep, get up, repeat. Classes are going fine, although we have yet to take a test or write a paper in any of the literature classes, and it drives me a wee bit crazy not to have something to measure progress. Even if it is only regurgitating facts, it gives me some small sense of accomplishment.
Got to take myself shopping for an hour without kids, then go have a Birthday beer with my mother-in-law. She rocks. And she loads the birthday cards!
The big news locally is that our community now houses Evil*Empire Stupid Center. Acres and acres of stuff I don't need, but will probably buy anyway. It was kind of nice to wander about sans rugrats and look at things besides toys or groceries.
I've been wandering the internet filling out scholarship applications and writing contrived, insincere essays in hopes of garnering some free money to pay for that last semester of class coming up. I've been thisclose to finished for sooo long, and I just want to be DONE. Then I'll start subbing for $95/day to pay off the verschlugende loans! Yep, the glamorous world of education...what was I thinking again?


Cliff said...

verschlugende loans
Is that anything like a term loan or possibly a loan for a norwiegan donut?
Congrats on the final go at the degree.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Ohhh the Evil Empire.. how it disgusts us and we hate it but how drawn we are to it.

I've been known to throw on sunglasses and a hat and spend way to much money on stuff I dodn't need either. Ug hates it when I go there.

Way to go on the final push.. the loans will go away, but the degree won't. That's an awesome thing.