05 September 2007

Back to School

I could do a mini-post on how many times I had to retype "school" to get it spelled right, but I'll leave that to the imagination.
Last week, I went back to school. Again. Argh. It took me WAYYYY too long to find the mommy/student balance, so I had some incomplete classes that rolled into retakes because I did not get the work done. Only me to blame, lesson learned, makes me a better student, yada yada, but it still sucks. The bright side is that I get to take two of these classes with a great old prof who reminds me of a cross between Santa Claus and an undepressed Hemmingway. He absolutely loves his subject matter, and he's highly entertaining.

We spent two of our long weekend days with G'ma. G'pa was gone fishing, so she had far too much peace and quiet on her hands, and we had just the cure for her. We had two extra kids in tow, children of iPastors's BFF.

The bulk of us went to Lifelight. The kids enjoyed the waterpark while dad and I cruised the bands. I especially enjoyed Derek Webb, who I "found" this winter through myspace, as he gave away a bunch of free downloads of his music. Quite cool and folksy. Liked that a lot.

iPastor seemed to be enjoying him as well.

Everyone came out to see Barlow Girl. Even Alex had heard of them in Germany, so a good time was had by all. It was a hot The girls returned to the waterpark and iPastor and I relaxed and listened to (and iPastor critiqued) a couple more speakers and bands.
It was a typical summer day, but a great breeze kept it from being as stiflingly nasty as earlier in the month.

Some people still worked too hard, though.


Peter said...

That looks like a "fun" day Gette, I may coin, with a spelling alteration your "Mae of the Dae" line on the Mae West quotes, thanks, I think I mentioned I had settled on iPlod as the name for my new washer, it's fine BTW if I remember to program it to start a bit before dawn!!!

Bebemiqui said...

Like the freezer pic! Do you listen to Caedmon's Call?? Webb collaborates on some of their albums.

Cliff said...

What a fantastic day. Took a while to come down to reality didn't it?
There's nothing funner than fun.

wazza said...

Gidday Gette,

Thanks for dropping by my blog.
If you thought the drop bear was funny wait until you hava look at my next scary video. I tell you travelling around Australia can be a bit of a worry, although not as much as going "back to school".
Your photos of the Life Light festival looks like it was a fun day.

Yellow said...

Looks like fun. It reminds me of Spirit Fest....my husband and I attended that several years ago in Detroit Lakes, MN.