29 September 2008

10 on Tuesday...

...Ten things that scare me/freak me out

1. Sarah Palin (John McCain doesn't frighten me but the thought of "President Palin" is as frightening as "President Quayle." *shudder*)
2. The economy
3. Gas prices
4. Propane prices
5. The idea of drowning
6. or burial alive

I've run dry. Many things that would appear on lists like this don't really scare me. Spiders, snakes, etc. I startle as easily as anyone of something hops/slithers/crawls across my path and I wasn't expecting it, but the actual critter doesn't bug me. Once I get past the surprise I'll shoo or catch and dispatch whatever offending critter has come my way. I will make the "freak out" exception for ticks, or anything parasitic for that matter. The idea of something hitching a ride and a free meal on me or mine is repulsive to me. So we'll make that 7.

1 comment:

Cliff said...

1:How are things over there on CNN and who is the anchor now? Or is it MSNBC? I guess the same either way.