22 September 2008


I made the mistake of opening Thing 3's window for some fresh air yesterday, and got a ceiling full of flies. Ew.
Thing 4 wound up with strep, which is a pain but easily treated. Poor kid. He's been much better today, but zonked out right after supper.
Now I'm off to watch the season premiere of Heroes! Woot! Monday nights are cool again.


DFTF said...

flies and strep. Ugh.

I've never watched Heroes. Maybe I should order the first season from Netflix.

Flip Flop Momma said...

ok, i got my mail today..hahaha..your so cute..

thanks..it made my day..

Jeff said...

Great reference. That was one of my all time favorite scary movies when I was younger. Something about those flies were extra creepy too.

Cliff said...

I read below about the mini reunion and am disappointed that there is not a pic of gette on a cart. Knowing what a race fan you are.