14 April 2009

Paha Sapa

We had plans to travel to the Black Hills this week with our German guests. After the initial mayhem, my brother has been cremated to be scattered at a later time, and a memorial service with military honors will be held after the VA grave marker has been set. My brother loved the Black Hills. We've packed up his widow and dragged her along on our marvelous misadventure.
After a lovely Easter dinner with the inlaws, we loaded our gear and headed to my folks' place. They live right on the interstate, and The Hotel Mom and Dad was a perfect launch pad for our trip. We travelled just over the border this morning and stopped for gas. My son was nearly left by the side of the road for whining. We stopped at the scenic overlook in Chamberlain, SD, which is breathtaking. We proceeded into the Badlands National Park and drove the Loop, stopping for climbing and pictures. Unfortunately, the ground is stll quite muddy, and iPastor took a tumble that he seems to have survived quite well, but he landed on the camera in his pocket and I am down one Kodak C643. He did not, however, drop his travel mug, because he is the Coffee Cowboy. We had supper in Wall somewhere other than Wall Drug, and were served by the breakfast cook who got called back to fill in for an absent waitress. Dude hauled ass to serve us and won an "A" for effort.
We then rolled into our motel in Spearfish to spend a few minutes in the hot tub and regroup for Devils Tower, Deadwood, perhaps Sturgis, Rushmore and Crazy Horse tomorrow. Now, I need to finish this cocktail our guests so generously provided, and SLEEP!

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Ed said...

I love a good road trip! And I've come close to leaving mine for whining, too. (Even short trips to te store.)